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Do You REALLY Need To Stretch?

This is such a funny question to ask. We all ask ourselves this question as the end of every workout or any kind of exercise. Even if you are a professional couch potato, you probably consider whether stretching would help you.

I will go ahead and just say it. Yes, you REALLY need to stretch. I am guilty of not stretching as well and I pay for it just as much as anyone else. Here are some reasons to help you (and myself) choose to stretch more:

  1. It will decrease your recovery time. Who doesn't want that? You won't be as sore and stiff the next day or two and you will be able to get back to training.

  2. It keeps you loose and prevents random aches and pains. Do you ever wake up hurting somewhere and you can't figure out why? That doesn't happen all of the sudden. That happens over time as your muscles and tendons get tighter. Regular stretching prevents this from happening.

  3. It keeps you from hurting something while exercising. Doing moving stretches before exercise and static stretches after exercise keep you loose so that you won't hurt yourself in whatever exercise you do.

  4. It prevents back pain. When you glutes, hamstrings, and calves get tight, your back gets tight. They are all connected. No one wants back pain! Stretch to keep everything all loosened up.

  5. It improves your range of motion and quality of movement. If you are stiff, you won't be able to squat deep or take long running strides and many other things.

I hope these few reasons can help us all to care more about stretching and plan it into our days or exercise routines.

Whether you make your own stretch routine or follow and app, do whatever you need to do to get some stretching in. I recommend following a yoga app for 10-15 minutes at least a couple times a week to feel your best. When I do a little yoga twice a week and stretch after every workout, I truly feel my best.

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