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Gym Equipments

Our Vision

To see people eat, move, and perform at their best for as long as they choose, from the top level competitor to the average person looking to move and feel better.

Our Mission

To build and rebuild people’s movement patterns, strength, and conditioning from the ground up and establish principles and behaviors of nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

Our Methodology

I follow a simple step-by step process that includes the following important blueprint to our success with you:
  • Assess your movement patterns and your starting point

  • Plug in to a progressive program for your level and your goals, adapting as we go.

  • Begin a process towards a better relationship with nutrition, sleep and stress from day one through basic habits and behaviors

  • Reassess periodically and involve you in the process to make you the smart decision maker

  • Provide a flexible and accountable, client-centered communication system​

Who We Serve

I serve a specific clientele that I can add the most value to. I get the most excited about coaching a clients who are:
  • 25-40 years old

  • At least 1-2 years of training experience

  • People who are stuck and plateaued 

  • Need a more well rounded program.

  • Prefer online coaching for powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit (bodyweight or with weights), and balanced strength and conditioning.

  • Current or former athletes

  • Know they need change, but haven’t yet. Motivated to invest in a quality experience that will produce lasting change.

  • Access to equipment at either traditional gym, home gym, or willing to buy equipment.

  • Want nutrition and exercise programming both.

  • Native to India. Having 10 years of experience of coaching athletes and individuals in India, I have a unique experience that allows me to understand your challenges and help you work through them anywhere in the world.



Head Coach and owner

Caleb has a passion for coaching and passing on knowledge and tools to others. He especially loves helping people discover the ability they have to take control of their on fitness and nutrition. 

His qualifications are:

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 

  • Level 3 Certified Crossfit Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Functional Movement Systems Certified (FMS)

  • 10 years experience in high performance management including strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehab, and sport science.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

  • 20 years experience in consistently practicing what I teach a an athlete myself.

Now That You See What We Are About...

Check out what we have to offer! 

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