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  • What is LinnFit?
    LinnFit is a coaching business started by Caleb Linn that values the highest standards of quality and excellence and data driven coaching to help individuals raise their bar on their health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset.
  • Who do we provide services for?
    We provide online coaching for anyone in the world, and we concentrate the majority of our in-person coaching towards professional athletes.
  • What services do you provide?
    Online coaching, exercise programming, athlete management, coach mentorship, and general consulting.
  • Do you coach coaches?
    Yes! One of my (Coach Caleb) greatest passions is to teach and bring up the next generation of coaches to raise the bar on the coaching industry. If you are interested in being mentored, please contact us.
  • What do you do for athletes?
    If you are a professional or an upcoming athlete, we can help you reach the next level of performance by programming your strength and conditioning program to supplement your sport training and prevent injury. We also determine the best nutrition plan for you and hold you accountable. Whether this is in person or remote, we help you manage everything that goes into your performance management, which goes beyond basic nutrition and exercise programming to help you manage your recovery and mindset along with your sport’s coaches.
  • Do you have a physical gym where you coach?
    No, we keep the majority of our coaching online. Our in-person coaching is in already established training facilities.
  • What kind of training do you do or program?
    We have professional expertise and experience in most fitness styles. These include functional training, Crossfit, body building, sport specific training, power lifting, olympic lifting. We combine all of these in a refined methodology balancing movements from 9 movement patterns and adjusting the volume and intensity to fit your current fitness level and your goals.
  • Can I get some free tips for fitness, nutrition, or losing weight?"
    Yes! Visit our blog or subscribe to our podcast and YouTube page for tons of free content!
Still Have Questions?

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have! Click Here!

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