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What our Clients have to say

Srikanth Kidambi, Olympic Badminton Athlete

"I'm a badminton player, and I've worked with Caleb for nearly 8 months. I saw a lot of difference in my physical fitness, and I really felt that it helped me a lot for my game. So if there's anyone out there that's thinking about training with Caleb I definitely think you should give it a try!"

Christina, Working Mom

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"I loved my experience with Caleb Linn as my coach.  I’ve always had a high value for a healthy lifestyle, but this program helped me in a lot of new ways.  I learned so much about nutrition from this program and specifically about my nutrition needs!  I really enjoyed the daily lessons, and it kept nutrition on the forefront of my mind each day. Outside of nutrition, Caleb also highlights emotional health and teaches life skills that help you live a more holistic healthy lifestyle.  Another big benefit to the program was having a coach who could dialogue with me about different questions, ideas, etc.  I was pregnant while I was going through the program, and I also have several food intolerances.  With both of those circumstances, I had extra questions for my coach, and Caleb was always quick to respond and very helpful."

Jeff, Strongman Athlete


I do strongman training. My coaches suggest I get a nutritionist. Since working with Caleb, I have learned there is a difference between eating the right foods and the wrong foods and it has pushed me to the next level in strong man training. I am more fit, more lean, and better fueled for my workouts. I am all about what Caleb has me doing. Never once has Caleb said, "You cannot eat that." He is always encouraging and supportive. You name it in strongman, and I am better at it because Caleb is helping me fuel my body the way I need.

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Sriram, Busy Entrepreneur

“What really amazes me is he could come up with workouts with just the 2 piece of equipment I had at home. To top it all, he is always patient in listening to your queries and addresses them. I would recommended Caleb to anyone who is looking for any help at any stage of fitness level there is. Cheers!!!”

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