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Low Iron (hemoglobin) in Women

Low iron or hemoglobin is one of the most common deficiencies in women. This happens naturally because women have some natural blood loss every month. When iron gets low, a woman can begin to feel a lot of negative effects. A woman may experience some but not all of these symptoms:

1) Chronic fatigue. She may feel like she just has no energy.

2) Exercise is harder than usual. Any sort of exercise becomes harder than she may be used to and she gets winded more easily. This is because iron is important for the transport of oxygen in the blood. When she is low on iron, exercise will get harder.

3) White looking tongue. The tongue will look a little white on top instead of a normal pinkish color.

4) Light headed or dizziness. This can happen frequently while just getting up or it can happen during exercise from lack of oxygen.

5) Indigestion or diarrhea

There are several other symptoms, but these are some of the most visible. Here are a few things a woman can do to help keep her iron levels in the right spot.

1) Eat dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and moringa (drumstick) leaf.

2) Kidney beans and other lentils

3) Soy beans

4) Red meat (if you are non-veg)

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