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Use A Calendar Instead Of A To-Do List

Have you ever tried to make a to-do list and just checked things off as you go, not keeping track of time? I have been there. Somehow that to-do list always ends up staying bigger than you want it to be and tasks seem to take longer than you want them to. Here’s a quick tip. Take that to-do list, use a physical calendar or the calendar on your smartphone or computer and plan blocks of time in the day to complete those to-dos. Estimate how much time you think it will take and do your best to complete it in that time you plan for each task. Once you reach the time for the next thing on your calendar, move to the next thing you have planned. Believe it or not, this system makes people more productive because they are giving themselves small deadlines on each thing they do each day. If you don’t finish, decide whether you really should give it more time or just schedule it for the next day also, so that you can finish. Using the calendar helps you move through your day with a plan instead of being controlled by a to-do list that you can’t get ahead of. Plan your days on your calendar and finish the day feeling like you won because you worked hard and did your best in the times set on your calendar to complete the tasks you need to do.

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