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Your Taste Is Programmed?

Did you know that the tastes and flavors you prefer are learned or programmed into you? This can often vary from culture to culture. For example, if you are in America, you will find that they like either bitter or sweet drinks and savory foods. If you go to Southeast Asia, you will find that people really like spicy foods. If you go to Germany or Ireland, you may find very plain and simple flavors without any strong flavor profiles.

So, when we think about foods that we just hate, it is not always because we just can't ever eat them. It is mostly because we have not eaten them much. For example, if you really love sweet foods, then anything that is bitter or earthy (think vegetables), you will probably make a funny face when you eat them just because you are used to eating sweets. But the good news is that we can CHANGE our flavor preferences! Over time, if you slowly reduce some of the sweets you eat and prepare vegetables in whichever way makes them tasty for you while still remaining healthy (not fried), then you can actually learn to like vegetables.

Right now, you may have previously thought that you will never like food that is good for you because it doesn't taste the same as the junk food that you may love. I am here to tell you that you can not only develop a taste for healthier foods, but there are also many ways to prepare them so that they taste really good!

More posts to come on this later!

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