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Small Changes Can Have HUGE Results

It is too often that people shy away from incorporating healthy eating habits and fitness into their lives. The reality for anyone is that it is quite the challenge to completely change your habits in an instant. In fact, it might be close to impossible. Seeing change and the improvements you want in your health and body can be easily portrayed as making huge changes in your life. However, as we have probably all heard our whole life, the small things add up. The great things is, this doesn't change when it comes to our health and fitness!

Taking small steps to change can help you build life-long habits. For instance, how often do you drink Coke or Pepsi, or any other soft drink? How much of your diet consists of fried food? Do you shy away from working out because you don't wont to commit hours a day for six days a week to it? The solution? START SMALL. Maybe it doesn't seem possible to cut out soft drinks completely right now, so instead, limit yourself to one or two a week and replace it with water any other time you would be drinking one. Over time, your taste for water will grow, and your desire for cokes can lessen. The same applies for fried food. Start by limiting yourself to one to two fried food meals a week. You might find the results in just doing these two things to be body-altering and energy giving! As for working out, take one step from wherever you are at right now. If you have never done anything fitness wise in your life, begin with exercising for 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week. If you have been exercising for years and have stopped seeing results, mix up your routine by changing the order or your workouts/days of the week you do them and what components you are focused on in each workout.

These simple concepts apply for any area of your life, and are only a few examples. The same things apply for overeating, your sleep schedule, media/tv consumption, ect... Again, small changes can have HUGE results!

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