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Why distance cardio training can be good for health

We're back to be observers and scientists again! Let's take a look at how distance cardio training can be good for health? How can we define this type of training. Let's define it like this:

"Any exercise such as running, swimming, biking or other cardiovascular-type training that is performed at a manageable pace that can maintained for a long period of time without needing to slow or change the pace."

This kind of workout gets your heart rate up to a point that it could be categorized as "high intensity exercise" according to the American Heart Association, but it's not going to make you really struggle or exert yourself to the point that you have to slow down or take a break. So, let's take a look at the science. How can this be good for you?

1) Studies have shown that getting 15 minutes or more of high intensity exercise such as this reduces LDL cholesterol, raises HDL cholesterol (this is a good thing), decreases resting heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and improves blood triglycerides. Good stuff!

2) Activity like this releases positive hormones (endorphins) just like other forms of exercise. So, you feel good and healthy afterwards.

3) It raises your metabolism during exercise to perform the activity. Although there is not much increase in metabolism post-exercise, this is still valuable.

4) There are so many different clubs, communities, and events dedicated towards this type of exercise, which creates opportunities to get involved in a community that supports exercise. That is good for both our physical and mental health!

5) Running can help stimulate bone development to maintain bone density for longer.

After observing the facts, it looks like cardio training CAN be good for health! I know this type of training is not going to build a lot of muscle mass or burn a lot of fat long term by itself, but we are not here to point out the negatives today. If your goal is heart health and feeling better physically or even just supplementing the rest of your training regimen, this type of exercise does provide benefits.

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