Reducing The Acid

Acid is a dangerous thing. It has it’s uses within the body, but too much too much of it within your system can give you things like feeling tired or sluggish, joint pain, lower immunity, headaches, skin breakouts, acne, acid reflux, and other things. Your body regulates your pH (level of acidity) in your body super tight, so you never have to worry about becoming too acidic, but the symptoms above shows you how sensitive your body can be to tiny changes. Here are some foods that you consume that can cause higher acidity in your body, leading to those symptoms:

  1. Fried food - the oil used to fry food causes inflammation and a more acidic environment.

  2. Fast food

  3. Spicy food - a little spice is good, but heavy spices are not good.

  4. Too much dairy

  5. Sweets and sweet drinks

These are just a few major things that will lead to a more acidic environment. Try to minimize these things your daily food intake while eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, then you will start feeling much better!

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