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Use Your Fitness

Use your fitness. Use your fitness. Wait, use your fitness? It seems like such a simple concept, to use our fitness, but what does that actually mean? The reality is that most people that you see in gyms, especially traditional gyms, never use what they are working on outside of that environment. Being healthy and fit can play more of a role in your life than just looks and going to the gym every day. Use your fitness by finding activities outside of the gym that challenge you physically or mentally, or are just enjoyable for you. These activities include, but are not limited to, traditional sports, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, trekking, fitness challenges, and much more.

Using your fitness allows you to set more and different goals than weight gain or loss, new personal records in lifting and looks. Nothing is wrong with these types of motivations, but don't limit yourself! Setting goals in the gym that allow you to use your fitness outside of that environment can also serve to steer you to more functional type workouts that help maximize your real world potential with your fitness. So don't allow your highly valued and limited time be spent in the gym to only produce results that will remain in the gym any longer!

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