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Knowledge Is Power - You Can Be Confident And In Control

One of the biggest limiters to people's health is simply ignorance. if I don't know any better, then I won't do any better. Many people now-a-days can distinguish of something is not healthy for them. Public health has done a good job of letting people know what foods are bad for them and what exercise is good for them. But the road block we have found many people run into is that they do not know the practical steps to make healthy choices happen in their daily lives. Once again, if I don't know better, then I won't do any better.

The healthiest people I know are the people who were willing to MAKE time to learn about nutrition and fitness and do their best to apply it every day, even if it's just a little. For example, our online nutrition and lifestyle coaching requires no more than 15 minutes per day to read and react to the daily email. We had one client recently who did his best to make time to read and learn. Then he applied the tips the best he could and now he confidently said to me last week, "I got my portions down. I've dropped 4kgs already by just following your portion guide and going to the gym regularly." That's great stuff! But how did he start? He started out trying multiple different workouts and diets but never got anywhere because he never felt like he learned and applied anything that stuck. Then he really applied himself to learning and applying one habit at a time. After that, BOOM, results came!

The more you learn, the more you can be confident in your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. And by the way, I get it that there is a lot of unhelpful information out there that is very misguiding. So, even if you just start here at this blog, you will know that you are getting sound, researched information that is in your best interest.

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