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Eat This For Joint Pain

Do you deal with joint pain? Much of this can be resolved with proper tissue message and exercise, but did you know that chronic joint pain can also be cause by your diet?

What causes joint pain?

There is a big word called "inflammation". If you are not familiar with this word, let's look at the root word, "flame". It's that burning and aching sensation you get in your joints and muscles. Lots of things can cause this such as muscle imbalances, injuries, improper technique for exercise, and even diet. By what things in your diet can promote inflammation?

1) Fried foods - These foods are often fried in very refined foods that contain high levels of Omega-6, which actually promotes (increases) inflammation.

2) Sugar - sugar is a natural inflammatory. A little bit of sugar in your diet is not a big deal, but when you are having a lot of sweets daily, it is connected to an increase inflammation in your joints, skin, and other systems.

3) Acidic foods and drinks - these can be really spicy foods, coffee, heavily processed fast food, carbonated beverages, alcohol. These don't just upset your digestion. The effects can reach your joints.

Those are just to name a few things in your diet that could be hindering your cause against inflammation.

What can you replace the above things with in your diet to decrease inflammation? Try these:

1) Eat more food high in Omega-3 - eat foods such as salmon, other deep sea fish, or ground flaxseed or take an Omega-3 fish oil supplement.

2) Eat more green, leafy veggies - these contain powerful nutrients that can help decrease inflammation.

3) Eat fresh fruits - these are tasty and can replace those sweets you crave

4) Eat more high fiber foods - try whole grains like brown rice, whole grain products, brown rice, or other traditional grains. These can be aid digestion and provide valuable vitamins and minerals that do not promote inflammation.

5) Drink water instead of sugary drinks - I know sugar tastes good, but your body will thank you for keeping it hydrated and decreasing the sugar intake.

6) Drink tea instead of coffee - tea is less acidic than coffee and other energy drinks. Have tea without sugar to get some power benefits that fight inflammation and give you a little caffeine kick that you may still need.

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