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Take Control Of Lunch

Lunch may be one of the most difficult meals for people to get control of nowadays. People get so caught up in the activities of the day that many end up eating whatever is most convenient. That often ends up being some kind of fast food or less desirable food for your health. Some even get so busy that they either forget or choose to skip lunch all together! 

Let’s take control of lunch. Whatever your food preferences, do a little food prep in advance. The battle for a good lunch starts a day in advance. Here’s a few battle plans that can help:

Make your last weekend day a food preparation day. Cook enough protein rich food, prep some cooked or raw vegetables, and prepare your carb of choice. Then you can put them in containers in the refrigerator to break out each morning and put together a lunch to take with you or have when you go home for lunch. Take it once step further and portion out your meals in advance in separate containers. I like to keep a stock of plastic containers for this: 

Do a little food prep each might. Make some extra dinner and put it away immediately so that you have lunch ready for tomorrow and it is out away, keeping you from eating it now for dinner.

Get up just a bit earlier each morning to prepare a lunch while you also prepare breakfast. This is the most difficult option of the 3 because you need to have the ingredients available and you need to get up earlier.

Planning ahead and taking a little time to prepare will help you take control of your lunch time and keep your day moving in a healthy direction!

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