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Proven Way To Get 6-Pack Abs

Do you ever wonder what the secret is to getting that six pack? Well first we have to say that your nutrition has to be right. Nutrition plays a bigger factor than your exercise, but what exercise should you do? Situps? Crunches? Some crazy exercise you saw on YouTube? Those exercises can be a nice addition but they will actually not be the core of your success. Your abs are designed to stabilize your core. In other words your abs are meant to help keep a proper back posture. So, the best exercises are exercises that force you to engage your core a ton just to keep good posture. That can be heavy lifting with squats or cleans or other dynamic power movements. That can also mean gymnastics or even just doing things like pushups and other plank positions. You often will not even think about how much you are working your core in these exercises but the results are for real. If you get your diet right also, you will start seeing some major results! Then those other exercises you first thought of will supplement your training.

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