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Only the egg whites or the whole egg?

I love getting asked about whether you should eat the whole egg or just egg whites. It gives me a chance to tell people that that I eat 4 WHOLE eggs every single morning!

Around 20 years ago, food scientists were sure that fat and cholesterol were the cause of all our health problems. But thankfully food scientists are brave enough to keep researching because they discovered that many fats and cholesterol that we eat do not affect our health poorly. In facts our body needs a variety of naturally occurring fats in food to maintain good health, not to mention those foods with some fat in them are more filling and tasty! Eggs are actually very nutritious. The fats in the yolk are good for you and there is actually more protein in the yolk than there is in the egg white! So, don't be afraid to eat that full egg in the morning with your breakfast.

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