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Hidden Calories That Kill Your Diet

They may be sweet. They may be tasty. They may be refreshing. They may go perfect with your breakfast or with a fresh serving of biryani or your favorite curry. Cool drinks and juices contain lots of sugar that not only add more calories to your meal without even feeling it, they also suppress the hormone that tells you that you are full. Take one 300ml bottle of Thums up for example. It contains 30g of sugar. At 4 calories per gram, that adds an extra 120 calories to your meal. To get another idea of how much sugar that is, it's like eating over 7 teaspoons of straight sugar. Yikes! Sugar is harmful enough to your body, but the added calories add up quick with each meal. And Thums up doesn't even contain as much sugar as some juices. Try have just a glass of water, lemon water, or even a small glass of milk with your meals. If you are dying for some juice, go for fresh squeezed stuff with no added sugar. By simply doing this small step, I have witnessed many people lose kilograms of fat without changing much else yet!

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