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When you crave sweets...

I was just sitting with some friends today after dinner and it hit me. My tongue craved something sweet. I started getting restless and dreaming about my favorite sweets. My eyes started searching for options to satisfy the craving! What do you do in that moment? I have learned a few tools that will help you not choose the sweet option in moments like that.

  1. Do not stock your home with any sweets or sweet drinks. If the option isn't even there then you won't choose it! This way the only opportunity you have for sweets are if you have to go out and get them, and statistically people tend to have sweets less when they have to go somewhere to get them.

  2. Have other healthy snacks available. I like having cut fruit always available or raw vegetables with hummus ready to snack on. This takes discipline to build up the habit of choosing a healthy snack over a sweet dessert.

  3. Drink a glass of water instead. Sometimes feelings of hunger or cravings come after a meal when you are actually just dehydrated. Drink a glass of water alone or with one of those healthier snacks to stop the craving.

All this is not to say you can never have sweets again. In a balance diet, having your favorite sweets occasionally will help you stay happy (and sane!). These tips are just to help you choose the healthier behavior more often.

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