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Skinny guys building muscle

I got a question from a very skinny guy today about how he can put on muscle. The first question he asked was what supplements he should take. That breaks my heart because supplements are not the answer to all our problems! The foundation of every fitness program is your nutrition. If your diet is broken, no training program can fix you. So, as a naturally skinny guy I know what he feels like. Unless carbs like rice and pasta or bread are involved, he generally has a relatively small appetite. In other words he has a hard time eating a lot in any one meal. Not a problem. As a skinny guy, it comes down to getting enough calories. You can't gain weight because you are eating less than you think you are. Eat those small meals more frequently, kick up the protein dense food intake and start some serious hypertrophy resistance training, and then we can talk supplements. Once the nutrition and exercise program are in place, then we can add in some calorie and protein packed whey protein smoothies to boost your growth. Give it time and consistency and every skinny guy can beat his genetics to become the muscular guy he wants to be. Works every time.

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