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Why that popular diet won't last forever

There are many popular diets out there. I bet you could think of at least 3-5 different named diets right now. They are advertised well and they are tried by many. Have you ever tried one? It is totally fine for you to try one for a short time if you want to, but the biggest thing I encourage is to think long term with your diet. Your goal should not be to go on a diet for 1 month and then go back to the exact lifestyle you were living before. The very reason you chose to go on a diet is because something about your lifestyle led you to a point that you felt the need for a diet! So, you should observe some useful changes that happened while on the diet and make some lifelong lifestyle changes from the time you go off the diet.

Most diets do well at

1) Help you be more aware of what you eat.

2) Give you some boundaries to live by.

3) Keeping you from eating too much.

4) Generally improving the foods you choose to eat.

5) Encouraging exercise along with eating better.

Most diets are not sustainable long term because

1) They put a right/wrong or achieve/fail mentality in your mind.

2) They tend to cut out one macronutrient (carbs or fat) more than others, which is hard to sustain.

3) They are not designed to be done forever

So, while you are trying out that popular diet, think of what works for you and how you can change your lifestyle after you finish your diet, so that you can keep yourself healthy and improving even after that diet is long gone.

If you want some quick and easy tips, check out our 5 Healthy Habits on our youtube page for some basic nutrition tips that can be sustained for a lifetime.

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