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Train Your Legs For Good Phyique

Everyone wants to have a good looking upper body and a flat stomach. So, naturally people try to do exercises that focus on everything above the waist. That makes sense because that is what you see in the mirror. Check it this out though. Follow my process here. Your upper body muscles are not actually the biggest muscles in your body and you do not use them as frequently throughout the day. Your legs, on the other head are the largest muscles in your body and they are what you mostly use to walk, stand, get up, climb stairs, run, and many other movements. They are your locomotive muscles, the muscles that make you move. Now get this. The more lean mass you have the higher your metabolism is. Let me explain. This does not mean that your muscles HAVE to get BIGGER. You can either develop your muscles to become more dense and not much bigger or you can develop your muscles to become both more dense and bigger. So, this means that any person's size and physique goals can be massively helped by strengthening their legs. When you develop these muscles, they develop a huge appetite, which melts away the inches and the excess fat that you do not want to have.

So, training your legs may be your least favorite thing to do, but it is likely one of the most important things you can do to hep develop the upper body physique you want.

More on what type of exercises will benefit your legs and upper body in a later post!

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