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What Is Ghee?

Ghee is one of the most common ingredients in eastern cooking. It is used mostly because of its flavor profile, shelf life, and tolerance to high-heat cooking. Ghee is made by melting butter down and heating it until all of the milk solids separate. These include milk proteins like casein and whey and natural milk sugars like lactose. What is left is golden clarified butter fat that is much less likely to spoil. This is perfect for cultures that make most of their food fresh and don't have the storage options to keep butter cool so it will last longer. It also make ghee extremely heat resistant. You can smell the scent of ghee on the roadside as vendors fry up various treats across the eastern world.

The great things about ghee is that is has a longer shelf lift (it doesn't spoil fast), it is hypoallergenic, and it doesn't burn unless it crosses 250 degree Celsius/482 degree Fahrenheit. Ghee is also a decent source of Vitamin A, E, and K. Because ghee comes from animal fat, it does contain cholesterol.

Ghee is not wrong to use in cooking as long as it is used in moderation and you can make it in your own home if you want to. This should be used somewhat in moderation though (don't cook everything in it or soak your food in it after serving). It contains saturate fat, which should not make up 100% of your fat intake. Get a mix of various fats and enjoy some ghee in your cooking occasionally.

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