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Why Working On Your Eating Habits Is More Effective Than A Diet Plan

How many different diets have you tried? Are you still on any of those? The very nature of diets sets us up for only short term success. Do you know why that is? Diets are only designed to be followed for a short time. They are made to be temporary! But guess what. Life goes on. If nothing changes from our life that led us to deciding that we needed a diet, then we will surely have to return to a diet of some sort once again. Why suffer the endless cycle of diets that say do this and don't do that so that you feel extremely limited and scared of failing if you make a mistake or cheat on the diet?

Taking a habit-based approach has proven to be far more effective in the long run. What is a habit-based approach? In a habit-based plan, you focus more on how much food you eat, how fast you eat, and focusing on getting one food at a time so that you can build consistent habits over time. For example, when you first start out with us in our coaching, the first habit we teach is to eat slowly. Eating slowly enough to take around 15-20 minutes to finish your plate of food helps keep you from overeating and helps you be more aware of when you are actually full.

Notice that example of a habit did NOT say eat this but absolutely do not eat that. For you to have real success, you will need to make wholistic changes to your lifestyle of nutrition. Then you will build the foundation that will never need any help from a diet plan again.

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