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Stiff? You Are An Injury Waiting To Happen

Do you feel really stiff when you walk, stand, or try to do any physical activity or exercise? You are a short time away from getting an injury of some sort. Why? Let me tell you!

That stiffness is something that happened over time by doing a lot of sitting, not stretching or doing any tissue message, and not doing any sort of warmup or recovery for exercise. Your muscles end up getting chronically tight, shortened, and stiff. So, why is this a bad thing? This ends up pulling and stressing your joints and your back in ways that may not hurt now, but they will later. Literally, every single person I have every met with back pain has stiff hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors (the back of your legs, butt, and front of your hip). These things are totally preventable!

Take time each day to stretch, do some sort of deep tissue message (foam roll, message, etc.), and make sure to warm up before exercise so that you can stay loose and feeling healthy and strong. Try doing yoga for flexibility or have a friend help you with some stretches. Even if you feel fine and flexible, stay disciplined to do these things, because you do not want to become stiff either.

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