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Keeping Healthy Foods Available

Does the thought of eating healthy stress you out? Don’t let it anymore! When it comes to eating food, we often make it more difficult than we should, keeping us from making a simple, healthier choice. Here are some tips to try in order to make healthy food more readily available.

  1. Keep things simple so that you have to make fewer food decisions from a day-to-day basis.

  2. Make a menu for the week and make your grocery list based off of your menu, NOT the other way around!

  3. Pick the best day of the week to take the time to prepare multiple meals for the week at one time, as this will help eliminate the unhealthy fast food choices when you are in a hurry.

  • Fun fact. Preparing multiple meals at one time will usually take the same time as preparing only one!

  1. Once you have created the menu, bought your groceries and prepared the food, store it in easy-to-grab freezer containers that are ready to take to work or eat at home.

Ultimately, set your life goals and DO WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU. Don’t let your busy schedule determine your eating habits any longer! Try it this week, put it to the test, make it your own and make it FUN.

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