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Tips To Start Transforming Your Body Now

What have you always considered the biggest factors in transforming your body to be? Making sure you're intaking just the right amount of calories? Having the perfect diet and exercise plan? Nutrient timing? Surprisingly, though all of these do play a role down the road, they are not the foundation for seeing body transformation.

OUR ENVIRONMENT is what makes the biggest difference in the foundation of our daily habits. Our brains actually like to go on auto-pilot within our environments, taking what we are always surrounded by and helping us make short-cut decisions. As good as this might sound right now, this might mean we aren't making as good of food choices as we'd like to think we are.

So how do begin changing your environment to help make those auto-pilot food and life choices healthier to begin transforming your body now? Here are some simple but impactful tips:

  1. Use a meal plan. You can do this for a few days, or even a week at a time. Make meal choices in advance to help keep the faster, unhealthy choices from being an option.

  2. Don't be hungry and do your grocery shopping. This speaks for itself. If you do your shopping when you're hungry, you are more likely to buy more groceries and foods that just look good. Use your meal plan to make your shopping list in advance.

  3. Let your kitchen help you. By keeping your kitchen cleaner and less stressful with more healthy foods available, you won't tempt yourself with those unhealthy snack binges because you're stressed.

  4. Schedule your workouts. Put your workouts on your calendar like you do those work meetings. Doing this will help eliminate the chance that you won't have time that day. The more things in your daily life you can put on your calendar, the less time you'll have to find for the unexpected.

  5. Find a different place for your social gatherings. Take advantage of gyms and outdoor areas to have a date or hang with your friends. It doesn't always have to be at a bar or resturant.

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