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Why Nutrition Is The Foundation

This is a great question. Why is nutrition so important? What do I coach nutrition more than exercise? Let me ask you this. How many people have you ever known that have gone to the gym for a while and found very little or now change? If you are anything like me, you have seen enough to make you less motivated to go to the gym. Now, those people may have seen no results because they weren’t really working out much at the gym, but I would argue that the most important reason that people do not get results they want is because their nutrition isn’t right. Like John Berardi from Precision Nutrition says, “No amount of exercise can fix a broken diet.”

So, nutrition truly is the foundation. Whether you have been trying to be healthy for a long time or you are just starting, nutrition is the place to start and the place to focus on the most. Just like you should try to build up slowly for exercise, you should also make small changes to start with nutrition and slowly build up to several strong disciplines. Get your nutrition right and I guarantee that you will start seeing some results of looking better and feeling better. Then adding on other activities and hobbies that get you moving will bring on even bigger changes.

If you need guidance in nutrition, consider contacting us to enroll in our online coaching so that we can help you establish the nutritional habits that will last you for a lifetime.

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