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Not Satisfied? Something Needs To Change

Do you look in the mirror and feel unsatisfied with how you look? Have you already been working out as hard as you know how and trying to eat healthier? Do you tell people that you work out and eat healthy, like you don't need anything different, but feel deep down that you wish you were in better health or better shape?

If this is you then, something has to change. Something about what you are doing right now is not helping you reach the destination you want. That change does not have to come all at once. Many times is just takes doing small basics with consistency. You can find profound results by just doing the basics! You may also need to consider what you have tried so far that hasn't worked and do the opposite. For example:

1) Maybe you tried running long distance and never did any weight lifting or resistance exercise with it to get a 6-pack. Maybe that didn't work. Doing the opposite may be adding some resistance training to that exercise routine, or hiring a personal trainer to guide you in some weight training to build the muscle needed to get a 6-pack or just get into better shape than you are now.

2) Maybe you tried a strict crash diet but it was too hard to follow and you just couldn't stay with it. The opposite may be pacing yourself and making small changes over time and doing your best to stay consistent with them most of the time to get results.

3) Maybe you wanted to run in a marathon, so you started trying to run marathon distances from the beginning and got discouraged when it was too hard. The opposite may be slowly building up your distance and doing some other body weight training or resistance training to prepare your body for a marathon and prevent injury.

What do you need to do now to start moving toward satisfaction and a new and better you? Don't go on any longer feeling down on yourself and start making the changes you need.

At VFC, we specialize in providing people the support, coaching and personal encouragement to keep going and making the small, lasting changes that stick. If you want to check us out and see if our coaching is something that would benefit you, drop us a message and we'll get connected.

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