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Vitamin D, Why You Need It, How To Get It

Vitamin D is a super important to our health! Many people across the world, especially in southeast Asian countries, struggle with Vitamin D deficiency. So what do we need it?

Vitamin D is essential for for calcium absorption. If you don't have high enough Vitamin D levels, then you won't be able to absorb all of the calcium for strong bones and fighting against osteoporosis and bone fractures! Vitamin D is also important for communication in your cells and immune system function. Another interesting fact about Vitamin D is that it regulates glucose tolerance which is important in diabetes prevention.

So, Vitamin D is important! But where and how do you get it? Well, sunlight is your easiest way to get Vitamin D. When the sun hits your skin, it triggers your skin to synthesize Vitamin D for your body. Pretty cool! If sunlight is hard to come by for you or you just want to maintain your fairness, then foods rich in Vitamin D are egg yolk, salmon, sardines, macherel, and Vitamin D fortified foods.

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