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How Working Out Can Improve Your Posture

Did you know that 80% of back pain is caused by postural problems? And did you know that postural problems are usually caused by muscular weakness and imbalances?

That means 80% of back pain can be fixed by some exercise and resistance training!

When you do a balanced strength and conditioning program it will give you muscle muscle strength to help stabilize all of the structures in your body. If you make sure to work on your flexibility with recovery exercises, you will get stronger and more flexible, which just make you feel awesome.

Much of back pain also comes down to core instability. What does that mean? That basically means the muscles between your waist and your neck are not very strong. When those are not strong, they can make you loose and injury prone.

Some of the best exercises that will help you to build core strength and conditioning are functional exercises. These are exercises that generally use free weights or just your own body to do full range movements that challenge you to balance yourself and coordinate everything to move through the movements smoothly.

There can be a short learning curve for some of these movements and a longer one for others, but overall they are great for building core stability to prevent or fix back pain and help you to feel a lot more strong and confident in general.

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