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Kombucha Recipe

Lots of people like to drink kombucha and ask me how I make it. It is incredibly easy! Check out my recipe below and watch the video!

You can order a starter online and follow this recipe I demonstrated in the video for a continuous brew. There is a video below to see how I add to my continuous brew to keep it coming!


2 cups black tea made with 5 black tea backs (assam tea or english breakfast tea)

10 cups of water with 3/4 cup sugar mixed in

After making the tea, remove the bags and pour it into the sugar water. This will bring the temperature down.

This first batch you can make directly in the jar where it will ferment, but future batches of sweet tea will need to be made in a separate jar and added to the existing kombucha like you see in the video.


Add your kombucha starter, which will have about 1 cup of kombucha with a scoby.

Cover it with a breathable cloth and let it sit for 7-10 days until you taste a little sourness and see a new scoby formed on top. Can just leave it on your countertop or somewhere out of the way like on top of the fridge.

Once it is at a good taste, then you can drink it any time. When it gets low just redo the recipe above and add it in.

If you want carbonation you will do what is called a secondary fermentation. Take some out and put it in a separate bottle. If you want plain kombucha carbonated, then just add a teaspoon of sugar and put the cap on tight. You would then let it sit for up to another week to get fully carbonated. Once it is carbonated, you and pop it off and drink it with ice or you can put the whole bottle in the fridge and slow down fermentation. If you want to flavor your kombucha in the secondary fermentation process, then add fruit juice, cut fruit, ginger, or other things. The natural sugars in the fruit will carbonate the kombucha. Sweeter fruits add a ton of fizz while less sweet fruits are more moderate. Find which ones you like!


Kombucha is awesome and easy! Once you get used to the process, get creative and have fun! Depending on the temperature of your house, it will brew faster or slower. If it's cold inside, then set the jar in the sun to help warm the liquid and help the fermentation process. Kombucha gets real happy when the liquid is closer to 80 degrees, but will still ferment slower at lower temperatures.

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