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LinnFit Coaching Podcast: Episode 22 Q&A with Jeff Underhill

Recently on the LinnFit Coaching Podcast, Coach Caleb was joined by Strongman athlete Jeff Underhill. They talked about a variety of different topics ranging from protein intake, mentality toward progress, and sleep. You should definitely check out the episode; you can find it on Youtube here or on Spotify by searching for LinnFit Coaching Podcast. This post is going to give a condensed summary of what they talked about if you prefer a text version.

Protein Intake

Protein is one of the three macronutrients of nutrition and is involved in a lot of important jobs in our bodies. For instance Protein is involved in digestion, your hormones, and building and maintaining lean mass. Because of this it's important to include enough quality protein in our diets. This is about two servings of protein dense food the size of your palm per meal for men and one for women. Coach Caleb mentions that you can consume about 2.5-3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and that won’t hurt you, So don’t be overly concerned about eating too much protein, you need it for your body to function well. He estimates that only 30% of people regularly have enough protein.

Maybe this is a tough area of nutrition for you, what small step can you take today to help you eat enough protein?

They also talk about protein supplements. Caleb mentions that protein supplements can be helpful if you struggle with appetite to eat enough, budget, or are trying to add a lot of muscle mass. Jeff asks about what things to look for in a protein supplement, and what type might be better. Caleb recommends looking for a protein supplement with a shorter ingredients list. The more of the ingredients that you can pronounce and understand what they are, the better. Whey protein is a common protein supplement, and has been researched. It is a complete protein and can be quicker than other proteins to absorb, which can aid in recovery. If you’re looking for a protein supplement a whey protein option could be a good place to start.

Mindset after a slip up

Unless you’re different from everyone else there’s probably been a time that you ate outside of your plan for the day for your diet, or didn’t end up finishing that last set of your workout. That’s ok. It happens. As Caleb says we’re all humans and sometimes we will need those comfort foods. Reaching your goals isn’t going to be completely undone because of one unhealthy meal. An all or nothing mentality with your diet won’t lead to long term success. This is why so many fad diets work initially, but fail to maintain results over time. Having a big picture mentality can help you understand that changes you want to make are about the consistency of your decisions. This consistency is like a muscle; it grows as you practice it. The more you practice small behaviors that help you be healthy the easier they will be to do in the future, and you will be able to increasingly make more and more improvements. Keep moving forward, don’t let a poor decision keep you down.

I want to leave you with a quote from Jeff that embodies taking small consistent steps overtime.

“If I have any words for people who are working with you, listen to your body like you [Caleb] say, take it one day at a time, or one meal at a time. You can’t undo a whole week’s worth of work in one meal. And focus on your goals and not the numbers and you’ll get there.”

If you have previously considered reaching out to a coach for help but chose not to because you were unsure about what that relationship would look like you should watch this Podcast. In the conversation with Jeff and Caleb you can clearly see how it is a team effort. There is a lot more that they talked about that wasn't included here so I would recommend you check out the full episode either on YouTube or Spotify.

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