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Small Steps To A New You

Crash diets are super popular. Everyone wants to get results fast now-a-days. People ask me, "How many days till I can get a sick pack? What do I need to eat to lose weight? How many months till I can get the body I want?" People want to do a 4 week (or less) crash diet, so that they can lose the weight they want and get back to life as usual. What's the problem with this?

The life you were living before that crash diet is what caused you to get out of shape in the first place. Even if you lose weight on that crash diet, then you will likely gain everything back and possibly more. It's called yo-yo dieting and it is actually more harmful to your health than just staying overweight. So what do we do?

Let's think about your brain, the smarts, the education you have. Did you start out with calculus when you were 3 years old or did you start with making sure you can count to 10? Did your teach sit you down in front of a computer and tell you to write code or help you with addition and subtraction first? Your education took close to 2 decades to complete (at least) but it was built over time. Each day you added a little more difficulty or a new lesson. Each year you leveled up and took on a new course or study habit. Each level of school challenged you to use your time better in and outside of class to get your work done and achieve the marks you want.

Our health works in a very similar way. Just like maintaining and building our smarts, we have to start simple, stay consistent, and keep challenging ourselves in nutrition and fitness. It's not jumping from 1st grade to college like a crash diet might feel like. It's building sound habits, sound nutrition, and consistent fitness one day at a time. What is one step you can take today?

For more guidance on this, consider trying our online coaching where we coaching you one step at a time to build the habits and foundation you need to get in shape and stay in shape.

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