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Plan to Win

Do you struggle to find the time for exercise? Do you ever show up to a gym with no idea what to do? You are not the only one! Only the fitness nerds like myself are always thinking about our next meal or workout. What I have found is that half the battle of getting into the gym or out to the park to exercise is just scheduling it in. When you think through your week, when are you most free each day? Is it the morning or the evening? Will you have to wake up just 1 hour earlier each day to get some exercise and give yourself an energy boost better than coffee in the morning with some exercise? Whatever it takes, set aside 1 hour each day to get some exercise somewhere. If you don't know what to do for exercise, ask a friend who knows a little more about exercise than you do, or if you are interested, inquire about our online programming. The same sort of planning goes into your nutrition. Sometimes it's good to prepare several meals in advance not he weekend and store them in the refrigerator for the week. We have found making a menu and buying all the necessary food for the week works good for us. Plan ahead to succeed in your health and fitness. Don't days go by without controlling what you put into your mouth for food and what you burn off with exercise!

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