Waiting For The Perfect Time

Waiting for the "perfect time" to get started? Why is it that we never run out of excuses to get started on eating healthy, exercising, starting new projects, etc? It may be that you want to avoid embarrassment, criticism, or failure. Or it may be that when we look at other's successes, we think it was just so easy for them - they had all the time, money, motivation, energy, and information they needed. But that's not true and we also know that the magical "perfect time" doesn't exist in most circumstances and if you keep believing in it, it will keep you from growing, from enjoying life, from being who you know you can be! So what can we do? JUST START, but from the beginning do small things. Take those small steps that will get you moving. This could be reading about nutrition, going to the fridge and taking out an apple to eat, making a grocery shopping list, signing up for a gym membership. GET SUPPORT. It's always helpful when you have someone else to give you a push. This could be someone who is already good at what you're trying to accomplish or someone who has the same goal as you, so you can remind each other of why you're doing it when it's tough. Next, PUSH THROUGH. Resistance to change is expected, but that doesn't mean you can't change! When that healthy food tastes gross, try a new recipe next time before giving up. The first few moments are the hardest to push through, but it means you've started.

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