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Why We Do Corporate Wellness

What is it?

When you look at our services on our website, you may look at Corporate Wellness and wonder what it is and why we do it. Corporate wellness can be defined as any wellness program provided by any factory, large corporation, or any small corporation or company. Companies often offer to help employees keep better physical and mental health, no matter what their work environment is. Your company may offer it so that they have less insurance costs or so that you will be able to get your work done better. Companies know that sick people are not the most productive people, so they want to make sure you stay well!

Corporate wellness can come in several forms. Here's a few examples:

1) It could come in the form of pre-screened information made available to you. This can be online articles, hard copies of material, or even online access to different health professionals who partner with the company.

2) It could be offered by the company building some sort of gym facility or recreational area for you, so that you can exercise directly on the premises. Your company may have even hired a personal trainer for the gym.

3) It could be offered by bringing in health professionals to actually educate you in person on different health topics or train you physically.

4) It could be offered by the company offering to pay for a yearly health checkup for you at your doctor.

Here's an article with a little more explanation if you need it.

Why do companies need it?

People in the working world today most often have a pretty sedentary job. That means you sit a lot and don't get a lot of exercise doing the work day. With working hours getting longer and many people taking work home with them, exercise and nutrition often becomes forgotten altogether. These along with stress (from work or life outside) and sleep deprivation, make health problems very common. Many of the conditions occurring in the workplace, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even obesity can all be prevented with a thriving corporate wellness program that educates and motivates you as an employee. The problem is many companies do not offer something like this. Our own research has shown that the majority of people are NOT happy with what their company offers to help with their health. I hear more and more about people in their 30s and 40s getting one of the conditions listed above and it breaks my heart because I know it can be prevented.

That's Why We Come In

At VFC we partner with companies to help them build a thriving and motivating corporate wellness program. We can plan events and challenges. We do online coaching to give a personal touch and coaching to prevent bad health and help anyone who currently has any condition manage it without medicine. We write articles all the time on our blog for FREE so that employees can have free access to information that can help them a LOT! We even come to offices in person to coach employees through our own Corporate Wellness Guide that gives basic and practical information for each employee to take control of his or her nutrition, fitness, and stress levels.

This is what we do for companies and we are passionate to continue to break ground where no one else is trying so that people can get and maintain a better quality of life.

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