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Eat What Your Kids Eat

You probably looked that the title of this post and thought, "Ok, you guys have lost your minds. I should NOT eat what my kids eat." You're right, I could be crazy. Or maybe, it could be genius. Let me break it down for you.

If you observe what kids typically eat, you see some common trends:

1) Kids usually eat whatever their parents make for them. That makes sense right?

2) Parents often try to feed their kids whatever is easiest to prepare besides their own food.

3) To be efficient, parents usually feed their kids whatever they are eating.

Well, if you are a caring parent, you probably want your kids to grow up big and strong and healthy. You may or may not want them make the same nutritional mistakes you make on a regular basis. There are definitely guilty pleasures you want them to experience with you also. That makes you normal.

Now, let's take this a step further. If you want your kids to like vegetables, what will you do. Feed them vegetables right?

If you want your kids to get enough protein, you feed them protein dense foods right?

If you want your kids to not be addicted to sugary foods and sweets, you will try to limit those right? Kids who eat a lot of sweets typically don't like more earthy flavors, which is what vegetables are all about. Limiting those sweets can help kids expand their tastes for other flavors.

Even deeper, if you don't want your kids to eat sweets and unhealthy snacks at or between meals, you won't keep them in the house right?

Kids can be a strong motivator and even a strong regulator for our own nutrition. If I feed my kid trash, it will show in his/her development. If I feed them nutritious food, it will show in their development. The same goes for me. If I feed myself trash, I will feel great. If I feed myself the good stuff, I will feel like good stuff.

Let's think about our kids when we eat if you are parents. What you eat, your kids will eat also. If you want them to eat healthy, then you need to eat healthy as well.

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